Tonari No Totoro / My Neighbour Totoro

Tonari No Totoro (My Neighbour Totoro)
is a fantasy movie about Japanese family’s life, who move to a small town. All the story focused on the Kasukabe’s family and their new neighbour. Totoro is a forest spirit that become the Kasukabe’s family neighbour. Two young girls Satsuki and Mei find that they share their home with the forest spirit. Satsuki and Mei Father is a university professor while their mother is sick in the hospital. Their mother condition is getting worse so Mei determined to see her mother by herself.

Totoro was one of masterpiece from Hayao Miyazaki and one of well known movie from Studio Ghibli. The movie describe a very wonderful relationship beetween human and nature. With the cute characters of the little girls and a lovable creatures this movie will give you a cheerful and new experience into the world of Totoro.

Movie Detail :

Japanese Distributor : Tokuma Shoten Publishing.
North America Distributor : Fox Video.
Movie Length : 87 minutes
Genre : anime / animation / drama / fantasy / comedy
Rating : G, suitable for family viewing
Format : Original Japanese dialog (VHS/LD), dubbed (VHS)
Written, directed and produced by : Miyazaki Hayao, Studio Ghibli.
English version director : Carl Macek.

Japanese Voice Cast :
Totoro - Hitoshi Takagi
Satsuki Kusakabe - Noriko Hidaka
Mei Kusakabe - Chika Sakamoto
Tatsuo Kusakabe (Satsuki & Mei's Father) - Shigesato Itoi
Yasuko Kusakabe (Satsuki & Mei's Mother) - Sumi Shimamoto
Kanta - Toshiyuki Amagasa
Kanta's Grandmother - Tanie Kitabayashi
Kanta's Mother - Yuko Maruyama
Kanta's Father - Masashi Hirose
Teacher - Machiko Washio