Ichigo 100 %

Ichigo 100 % anime (Japanese animation) follows the story of Junpei Manaka and his numerous love interest from the third year of his middle school to the end of his high school years. Junpei Manaka is a nice guy who gets caught up in many embarrassing but endearing romantic situations. His gentleness and kindness as well as his selflessness at times, is what attract girls to him. His dream is to make films as a director. While not academically gifted, he has great talent with cinematography that gradually develops as the story progresses.

One of Manaka’s friends from middle school who is the star player of the soccer team. His athletic abilities and good looks make him a magnet to girls. Because of his perceived experience with girls, Manaka goes to him for advice on his girl problems early in the manga (Japanese comic).


ria said…
I really would like to see this show, unfortunately netflix doesn't have it, and I'm not too crazy about subs. I only watch them for yaoi since I can't get them dubbed.