Neon Genesis Evangelion

In 2000 AD a top secret encounter between an Antarctic expedition and an entity known as an Angel triggered a global catastrophe. The year is now 2015 and the Angels have returned. Shinji Ikari a 14 year old boy of the new earth is summoned by his long estranged father Gendo to an underground city underneath Tokyo 3, where the United Nations research organization known as NERV is stationed. To match the fearsome power of the Angel, NERV has constructed a biomechanical weapon named Evangelion a terrifying monster that young Shinji is destined to pilot. This anime has the best mecha (robot) design and good story. It looks like this Japanese animation also influenced by a bible story, that’s why you will find Angel, Eva (eve) and other name related to a bible story. I don’t like the ending of this series because it’s confusing. I recommended neon genesis evangelion as one of the best mecha (robot) anime.