Pokemon Heroes

The story of this anime tells the journey when Ash, Pikachu and friends travel to the Altomare to compete in the annual water race, they quickly find themselves in the middle of an elaborate crime. Master thieves Annie and Oakley have set out to steal the Soul Dew. Soul Dew is a jewel with awesome and dangerous powers that few people fully understand. The Soul Dew is guarded by the sibling Pokemon Latios and Latias who watch over the city. In order to harness the powers of the Soul Dew, Annie and Oakley capture Latios. Ash, Pikachu and Latias are determined to rescue Latios and stop Annie and Oakley from destroying the city, but doing so will mean battling ancient Pokemon and overcoming some of the most difficult obstacles our heroes have ever faced.


narutochen said…
i like the pokemon original song soooo much :) :) nice site.. one of my favorites :)
pussreboots said…
It's a nice coincidence seeing your review today. My son is watching it. I love the almost Venice like city its set in. So beautiful.