Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

This anime told the story about a group of people who has to move through time and space. Syaoran, Sakura, Kurogane and Fai has to travel to find the mysterious feather. In their continuing journey to find the feather that are the fragments of Sakura’s lost memory, the group move through time and space with Mokona the teleportation animal with a lot of other ability. To be able to do this they have to give their precious belonging to the dimension witch.

One of the episode of this Japanese animation tells us their journey to the “Land of The Birdcage” a seemingly peaceful country, they learn that the king of the country possesses a mysterious power. They learn that mysterious power comes from Sakura’s feather. This anime was created by Clamp almost all the character are taken from their previous works. Syaoran and Sakura comes from their previous anime Card Captor Sakura, Mokona comes from Magic Knight Rayearth and some other character also comes from their previous works.


ennair said…
I love this anime... especially the manga.. ^_^
bbtoo said…
love to watch anime
Otli said…
I've been hearing about this anime from my niece. Sounds cool with your brief review. I might watch this.