Video Girl Ai

This anime has a unique story about unpopular high school boy named Yohta. When Moemi a girl that Yohta like told him that she love some one else, Yohta rent a video girl tape from eccentric video rental. When Yohta played the tape suddenly a girl come out from the tv screen, that girl is Video Girl Ai and then Ai lives with Yohta to help Yohta and Moemi relationship.

Because Yohta VCR is malfunctioning when he played the tape Ai character isn’t the same with the supposed to be personality designed for her. In the latter episode of this Japanese Animation, Ai is being recalled by her creator and Yohta is fighting to get her back.

Yohta and Ai grew closer when they are together, and they are starting to bound by love. If you like a romantic and funny story Video Girl Ai is a good anime for you to watch but this anime is not suitable for young children and some of the scene is made for adult audience. The character and story are created by Masakazu Katsura a famous anime and manga artist.


ramaraobobby said…
Yohta and Ai, I quite like their hair styles especially Ai's its curly and suits her cute looking face. I shall try to download some episodes of Video Girl Ai online, would me mind giving me download links to your favorite episodes. Anyways thanks for the share.
That is great anime film. I have the DVD. Nice summary mate
Anime Bounds said…
I agree with you bobby...