Hakujaden The Movie

Today we would like to review a classic Japanese anime. Hakujaden is released in 1958 and become the first full color animation played on the big screen at Japan. Toei is involved in the making of this Japanese animation.

The story is taken from a Chinese legend and revolved around Su Chien (Xu – Xian) and Pai Nhian (Bai - Niang). Su Chien is an ordinary man and he is learning to become a scholar while Pai Nhian is a white serpent princess.

So many movie is adapted from this Chinese legend, Madame White Snake is a one of the famous Chinese mythology. If you are curious of what happened between Su Chien and Pai Nhian, then just watch this old and classic anime.


it is great review mate
MrProfGenius said…
Nice Anime picture, but i think this Anime style more like Chinese cartoon style than Japanase anime style, but i like it too.