Space Dandy

Space dandy is released last year at 2013, I watch it at animax and this anime is aired at the same time as Japan. Basically Space Dandy is a 2 dimension comedic animation about alien hunter and his sidekick. Space Dandy the alien hunter is riding his personal airship the Aloha Oe with his two sidekick QT and Meow.

Qt is a robot and it has a lot info and data and this android is able to feel emotion. Sometimes he provide the data too late and causing problem. Meow is betelgeusian or shall I say an alien cat who likes to argue with Dandy.

This funny anime wouldn’t be complete without a foolish villain from the Gogol Empire. Most of the time Gogol Empire attempt to capture Dandy end up as a big failure and Dandy didn’t even notice their act to capture him. Some of Gogol Empire character is Admiral Perry, Dr. Gel and Bea.

If you appreciate a comedy anime with starwars like story, Space Dandy will become a good animation to watch to enlighten your mood.