Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

This anime told the story about a group of people who has to move through time and space. Syaoran, Sakura, Kurogane and Fai has to travel to find the mysterious feather. In their continuing journey to find the feather that are the fragments of Sakura’s lost memory, the group move through time and space with Mokona the teleportation animal with a lot of other ability. To be able to do this they have to give their precious belonging to the dimension witch.

One of the episode of this Japanese animation tells us their journey to the “Land of The Birdcage” a seemingly peaceful country, they learn that the king of the country possesses a mysterious power. They learn that mysterious power comes from Sakura’s feather. This anime was created by Clamp almost all the character are taken from their previous works. Syaoran and Sakura comes from their previous anime Card Captor Sakura, Mokona comes from Magic Knight Rayearth and some other character also comes from their previous works.


If you like gun fighting and action adventure animation, Trigun might be a great entertainment for you. This Japanese animation has a fun and hilarious character and story, the story revolved around a man named Vash. A gunslinger so dangerous, a $ 60,000,000,000 reward has been placed on his head.

Vash also known as the Humanoid Typhoon has been credited with the destruction of several towns, but miraculously there is no record of what happen to those who catch up to Vash. They either crawl away wounded (mostly from self inflicted damage) or they stagger away in disbelief that such a dork could possibly be the man they are looking for. This anime is a little bit funny with a lot of gun fighting scene.


Hi there, do you like a robot animations (mecha anime) ? If you like it then maybe Escaflowne would be a great movie for you to watch. This anime told us a story about Hitomi Kanzaki journey to another world. Hitomi Kanzaki is a typical high school girl, with all the regular high school problems. But when a vision of a young man battling a dragon becomes a reality, her life changes forever.

Drawn into a strange vortex with the swordsman, Van, Hitomi is thrust into the strange world of Gaia. Entangled in a struggle over life and death, Van must learn to master the suit of armor, Escaflowne. Chased by the Empire of Zaibach, Van and Hitomi will encounter both allies and enemies in an effort to unlock the secrets within Escaflowne. This Japanese animation is one of the cool robot animation with unique mecha (robot) design. Thanks for reading anime hunt and have a nice day.

The Cat Returns

Hi, today I would like to recommend The Cat Returns, this anime is a Japanese animation that has magic, invention and artistry to captivate viewers of any age. This animated movie is filled with lovely hand drawn images, fantastical storyline and fabulous talking cats, it conjures up a world that is at once strange and haphazard, yet abides by its own peculiar internal logic. If you’re a big fan of Studio Ghibli this movie is one of their creation and recommended for you to watch.

The viewers will be taken into a whole new world when a young girl named Haru saves a cat from being run over by a truck. To her amazement, it suddenly stands up own its two hind legs and thanks her. This anime is one of masterpiece created by Studio Ghibli. Studio Ghibli also created Grave of Fireflies, Tales From Earthsea, Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbour Totoro) and Spirited Away the Academy Award winning anime.

Tenjho Tenge

Hello faithful readers, thank you for reading anime hunt, we hope we could continue to provide information related to anime for you. Tenjho Tenge is another fighting anime, this Japanese animation told us the story about high school life in Japan. The head of the Executive Council has arrived and the Juken Club is in for some major schooling. During this time Aya begins to feel the true power of the Dragon Eye as it compels her to destroy her enemies. With this over powering emotion, will Aya be able to retain her own identity ? This is only the beginning as the age old conflict between Maya of the Juken Club and Mitsuomi of the Executive Council is brought to life. If you enjoy two dimensional fighting animation like Get Backers and the famous Bleach, you might also like this one.

Tales From Earthsea

This anime told us the story about Prince Arren journey. Something bizarre has come over the land. The kingdom is deteriorating. People are beginning to act strange. What even more strange is that people are beginning to see dragons, which shouldn’t enter the world of humans. Due to all these bizarre events. Ged a wandering wizard is investigating the cause. During his journey he meets Prince Arren. This Japanese animation is one of masterpiece created by Studio Ghibli. Studio Ghibli also created Grave of Fireflies, Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbour Totoro) and Spirited Away the Academy Award winning anime.


This Japanese animation tells us the journey of a young man named Rei. Rei is a young inventor living in the United Kingdom in the middle of the 19th century. This anime story starts shortly before the first ever World Expo, when a marvelous invention called the “Steam Ball”, behind which a menacing power is hidden, arrives at his door from his grandfather Roid. His grand father Roid was living in the United States. Meanwhile the nefarious Ohara Foundation has sent men to acquire the Steam Ball so that they can use its power towards their own illicit ends.

School Rumble

This Anime revolved around Tsukamoto Tenma her sister and her friends. Tsukamoto Tenma is a second grader in high school who, like other girl her age, falls in love. However, she could not bring herself to confess her love to her classmate Karasumaru. She discovers that Karasumaru will transfer out next year and with the help of her friends and her little sister Yakumo, tries to confess her love.

Tenma also uses unorthodox method such as disguising herself as a nurse or shooting arrow with a love letter attached to express her feelings for him. On the other hand, Harima Kenji, a delinquent, has a feelings for Tenma. Unfortunately, Tenma preoccupation with Karasumaru ensures that she doesn’t notice Harima’s affection, much to Harima’s dismay. To make matters worse, one day he sees Tenma and Karasumaru having lunch together. This causes him to skip school and embark on a journey of enlightenment. This modern Japanese animation is very funny and entertaining.

Samurai X Reflection

This anime told us another story of Hitokiri Battousai, the story of this Japanese animation movie of Samurai X happened before the anime tv series started.

Famous trough out all Japan as the Hitokiri Battousai (sword bearing master assassin), Rorouni Kenshin is now a lost soul cursed to seek atonement for his bloody past. Even the peace that now exists as a result of Kenshin sword brings him no solace, driving him to wander far from those he loves. His wife, Kaoru, steadfastly awaits his return as she mourns his absence. Will Kenshin come home before she dies of grief ?

Samurai X The Motion Picture

This Anime tells the story about Hitokiri Battousai (sword bearing master assassin) named Kenshin, he tried to bury his past but now his past returned to bury him. A decade ago the deadliest assassin of the Meiji Revolution swore that he had killed for the last time. Peace doesn’t last forever, however, and as the flames of revolution rise once again, Kenshin must take up his blunted sword to protect the innocent. Will he save the Meiji government that so many died to establish, and his newfound friends, from their own mistakes ? Or will he fall victim to his bloody past, slain by demons of his own creations ? This Japanese animation also known in Japan as Ishin Shishi e no Requiem or Requiem for the Ishin Patriots.

Samurai X ( Rourouni Kenshin )

This Anime story revolved around Kenshin and his friends. Kenshin comes to term with the discontent festering in his soul. He regrets the death and suffering he has caused and hopes to find a better life with the mysterious Tomoe. A conventional story would end on this note of self discovery and moral growth. But Samurai X unfolds like a Kabuki tragedy : the desire for revenge remains strong, especially among the agents of the last Tokugawa Shogun, who are anxious to crush the nascent rebellion led by the Chosu clan. Kenshin was an important agent for the Coshu and Tomoe is just a pawn, but the outcome of a game may hinge on a strategically positioned pawn. Kenshin finally grasp the lessons his master, Hiko, attempted to teach him the need for inner peace and the possibility of defending the weak without resorting to violence. This japanese animation is one of the best sword fighting anime.

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