Kumo To Churippu The Movie

Kumo To Churippu is a black and white anime released in 1943, this Japanese animation pictures quality is almost as good as Walt Disney black and white animation.

The main character of this movie is a spider and this spider is attracted to a tulip flower because the tulip is protecting a lady bug from the spider. At that time this anime is a good entertainment for children, because it was created for young viewers. That’s why they used animal as the main characters for this movie.

If you want to learn a Japanese animation history this classic black and white anime is a good movie to start your research.

Hakujaden The Movie

Today we would like to review a classic Japanese anime. Hakujaden is released in 1958 and become the first full color animation played on the big screen at Japan. Toei is involved in the making of this Japanese animation.

The story is taken from a Chinese legend and revolved around Su Chien (Xu – Xian) and Pai Nhian (Bai - Niang). Su Chien is an ordinary man and he is learning to become a scholar while Pai Nhian is a white serpent princess.

So many movie is adapted from this Chinese legend, Madame White Snake is a one of the famous Chinese mythology. If you are curious of what happened between Su Chien and Pai Nhian, then just watch this old and classic anime.

Video Girl Ai

This anime has a unique story about unpopular high school boy named Yohta. When Moemi a girl that Yohta like told him that she love some one else, Yohta rent a video girl tape from eccentric video rental. When Yohta played the tape suddenly a girl come out from the tv screen, that girl is Video Girl Ai and then Ai lives with Yohta to help Yohta and Moemi relationship.

Because Yohta VCR is malfunctioning when he played the tape Ai character isn’t the same with the supposed to be personality designed for her. In the latter episode of this Japanese Animation, Ai is being recalled by her creator and Yohta is fighting to get her back.

Yohta and Ai grew closer when they are together, and they are starting to bound by love. If you like a romantic and funny story Video Girl Ai is a good anime for you to watch but this anime is not suitable for young children and some of the scene is made for adult audience. The character and story are created by Masakazu Katsura a famous anime and manga artist.


The story of this Japanese animation revolved around Chiaki Enno and Zenki. Centuries ago Master Ozune Enno bound the demon guardian Zenki into his service to fight evil. When the mission is completed Karuma and Zenki was sealed away until needed again. Chiaki Enno as the Enno descendant is able to break the seal on Zenki and she is a school girl. Zenki is bound in a child sized form when not fighting evil because he is defiant so Chiaki must use the power of the bracelet which appears on her wrist to bring him to full fighting stature.

The Seeds of Karuma cause people to turn into monsters embodying a vice which Zenki defeats so that he can eat the Seed. Set 3 adds demon / guardian Goki who boost Zenki’s power to the next level and usually provides a shield to protect the rest of the team of Chiaki, her Granma Saki, Saki’s brother Abbot Jukai, his assistant Kurabayashi and sometimes helping out hero Sohma Miki. This is another great fighting anime with a great story and a good humor.

Yakitate Japan

Hello fellow anime hunters today we would like to review Yakitate Japan, this unique Japanese animation told the story about Azuma and his friends. The anime starts when Azuma goes to the Phantasia Main Branch Store expecting to get a job only to discover that he has to compete for it in a series of exams. Azuma also starts at a disadvantage as he loses almost all of the ten points he needs to avoid being disqualified. It is in this arc that Azuma meets Kawachi, Kuroyanagi, Tsukino and Suwabara Kai. Shortly after the competition, Azuma and Kawachi get jobs at Phantasia’s Southern Branch store. A few stories take place there as they meet Ken Matsushiro and Azuma competes against a skilled but pampered baker.

This anime is a little bit funny with a unique story about a baker and a bakery. The expression and reaction to the taste are exaggerated that's what makes this cartoon so funny. It also reminds me of classic Born To Cook anime and some of hongkong comedy movies about cooking.

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